Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If you're from Windsor then what do you call yourself?

Hi Holly:

Well, I'm glad to hear that you don't even heat your house. I have no such compunctions because my heat is included in my rent (having said that, we still do put up plastic on the windows, like idiots... the other tenants all gossip about us and say "what's that, plastic wrap? Isn't that against the lease? Oh, no... it says "no tin foil in the windows" in the lease)...

I gather that the final "werewolf" excuse you gave the Pigs as to why you don't hang lights is the one that worked for them? If they want, they can come up here and see all the elaborate Christmas light shows they want in my neighbourhood... and this in a primarily Jewish neighbourhood. One out of every ten houses probably uses 10,000 watts per minute of energy what with lighting up Santa, all the reindeer and the nativity scene besides. The other nine houses out of the ten all probably wince...

Hoping and trusting that you got your @$$ out the door to spend the gift cert to the LYS... perhaps it was just anticipation of what to buy that kept you hanging on to it?

I do have to address something from your last subject line where you indicated that you were actually from Windsor, ON (current home of one casino and 55 peeler bars). I have a little quiz for you: if you are from Windsor, what are people from Windsor called?

Examples: I am originally from Kingston and was a Kingstonian until I moved to Toronto when I became a Torontonian. (Or a Tranian, if you go with the local pronunciation.)

Other Canajan examples:

Halifax = Haligonian
Montreal = Montrealer or Montrealaise (sp?) depending on which official language you speak.
Winnipeg = Winnipeger
Calgary = Calgarian
Vancouver = Vancouverite
Victoria = Victorian? (I couldn't get anyone from Victoria to give me a straight answer to this query.

I then consulted JJ for Scottish/Irish/British examples:

Glasgow = Glaswegian
Edinburgh = wanker (he then corrected himself and said "Edinburgher"
Dundee = Dundonian
Dublin = Dubliner
London = Londoner (same as in London, Ontario)
Liverpool = Liverpudlian (or Scouser)
Newcastle = Geordie
Birmingham = Brummer
Manchester = Mancunian

All this to say, we both racked our brains and couldn't figure out what people from Windsor are called.

So I consulted the two people I know who hail originally from Windsor what the term is for people from Windsor. The first, who is known for his acerbic sense of humour said: "the people who get the %#($*)@$( out to Trana as soon as humanly possible".

That wasn't helpful. The second person gave me the correct answer. So, if you can tell me what it is, then you will be a true Windsor... person indeed! Addiction to Tim Horton's doesn't cut it :-)




FuguesStateKnits said...

I live near Baltimore. We call them Baltimorons...

Kate said...

I'm from Windsor, Ontario and we call ourselves "Windsorites"

Unknown said...

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